Positional Statement on the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018 (“the Act”)

Label Concepts has a policy of doing all things reasonable to NEVER directly engage in the practice of modern slavery, and to work closely with our supply chain, to ensure they have policies that align with the Act.

Under the provisions of the Act, our Company is not mandated to formally report to the Australian Border Force, (ABF), as the legislation is intended to apply to large entities with the capacity to meaningfully comply and the leverage to influence change in their supply chains, noting that the Act sets the annual revenue threshold for compliance at AU$100 million consolidated revenue.

Modern slavery is where coercion, threats or deception are used to exploit victims and undermine their freedom. The Act defines modern slavery as including serious exploitation as outlined below, all of which we prohibit, and seek assurances from our supply chain of their same position, including:

a) Trafficking in persons
We prohibit the recruitment, harbouring and movement of a person for the exploitation through modern slavery.

b) Slavery
We will never exercise powers of ownership over a person, including the power to make a person an object of purchase and use their labour in an unrestricted way.

c) Servitude
We will never engage in practices where a person’s freedom is significantly restricted and they are not free to stop working or leave their place of work.

d) Forced labour
All employees are free to stop work and leave their place of work and we would never withhold worker identity or immigration documents.

e) Deceptive recruiting for labour or services
We do not charge workers or potential workers recruitment fees, nor do we procure commercial sex acts during the length of any employee’s tenure.

We do not employ or hire low skilled foreign or migrant workers directly or through recruiters.

Mark McEwan
28th January, 2021