Paint Replacement

Replacing the traditional 'painting' of vehicles with full vinyl wraps is one of the most exciting advances in fleet management. 

The team at Label Concepts are part of the evolution in providing a cost effective solution to painting vehicles in corporate colors - full skins of a company fleets are now a practical option for fleet and asset managers to consider. 


How does it work?

The traditional approach of buying a white vehicle, then painting it, then having to respray again at the end of lease, is both costly and time consuming. Purpose built vinyl films are now available from both Avery Dennison and 3M, that allow our team to be able to fully wrap a vehicle in a wide choice of colors. Better still, at the end of the lease, the skin can be easily removed. 

It looks like paint. It conforms seamlessly with the vehicle. It all makes sense for company's and owner driver's bottom line.



A vehicle can be fully wrapped in 1 to 2 days, depending upon its size. Compare that timeframe to having a vehicle off the road at the spray shop awaiting its numerous coats of paint. Plus you can expect a finish that's bubble free and without creases - our team are perfectionist with their work. 


UV Stability

The vinyl used for full skin wraps have inbuilt UV inhibitors to maintain the integrity of the color, with both  3M and Avery Dennison providing long term warranties.


Color choice

There's a wide variety of colors available to select from, including gloss colors right through to metallic finishes. And if your company has a large fleet, why not work with us to customise the color of the skin, so that it's produced to match your own corporate branding. 


Protecting the body 

One of the great features of the stock is that the full skin will preserve the factory OEM against scratches and UV exposure, meaning that once the wrap is removed at time of trade-in, the paintwork is as close to as new as possible.


Better resale value

The cost of 'making good' a vehicle painted in the traditional way is higher than if it was skinned with paint replacement vinyl. At the moment, your only choice is to spend more money and respray the vehicle white - a time poor and costly option.

So imagine instead having the paint replacement film simply peeled off at the end of lease, to exposure the pure white of the original purchase color - it's fast, it's cost efficient, it just makes sense at every level.

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